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Corporate Stories
Pitches and Presentations

We write pitches and presentations that make your stakeholders say YES.  We uncover the story you want to tell. We start with an outline and develop an awareness of language, subtilities, structure, points of emphasis, appropriate humor, content, and overall style. We shape the pitch or presentation around the benefit to the audience. We rehearse with you until the pitch is conversational and suited to the speaker’s and organizational style.  

Proposal Writing and RFP Responses

We work with you to create proposals and RFP responses that gain commitment. We research, synthesize, and organize information rapidly.  We write in a detailed, factual, and convincing manner that enables decisions.  We follow established protocols and style guides using your templates or we work with creative teams to develop a new look and feel.   

Instructional Design

Our instructional designs are simple yet sophisticated. 

We can leverage existing content, research new content or source industry leading ideas to create relevant custom learning architectures to meet your goals. We design for new audiences and those that have seen initiatives come and go.  We design instructor led live sessions (ILT), virtual classroom experiences (VCE), and eLearning platforms.  



Our corporate clients trust us to listen intently and ask great questions.  They depend on us to deliver on time and on budget.  They count on us to have an organizational mindset, to be creative thinkers, and to provide honest input.   

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